Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Party: Party On!

Our boys birthdays are over and I must say that I'm a little sad since the preparations for the kid party and all the hoopla of the fiesta itself was such a huge blast.

I will have to give you a party brain dump in my next post.

Some of you asked a couple of questions about the birthday crowns.

I used Timtex or Peltex inside the two layers of felt in order to give the crown a lot of body and stand up to the battering it usually takes from my kids.

C&T publishing has everything you could want to know about Timtex in this blog post. Peltex seems to be another version of the same material - which is just thick interfacing.

I don't really prefer one or the other, I've used both in different crown's I've made and they both work well.

And to answer your other question, yes, I did make the crown adjustable by putting some simple ties in the back. Thought it would be more comfie than elastic, and with the size of my kids' never know how big they will actually get!

My mom was here last weekend and brought some goodies from Purl Soho for me. You gotta love these Lorna's Laces Shepherd Striping Sock Yarns for 40% off. Score! Thanks Mom.


antique quilter said...

thats my DD favorite yarn to make socks with
yes a teenager that knits her own socks!
its a stress relaxer for her , I find her knitting when studying for a test some days or at the end of the day when she is watching tv
something in her hands to keep busy!
guess its just like having a needle in my hand handquilting!
kids birthday parties are just so much fun

Unknown said...

nice! love it. you're so creatively clever ; )

btw, is there such a thing as a BASIC quilt that a novice like me could make in say... 11 months?

Janet said...

Those crowns are the best!