Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 + 1 Kid party

Our kid party was a big hit according to the kid crowd. Our older son turned 4 and the baby turned 1 .

We had this awesome puppeteer, Peter, come, from
PT Puppets. He was super entertaining, super professional, and the show was so great that most of the photos I took of the kids watching it include several mouths hanging open. Highly recommend him if you are in the bay area.

It was our first real 'kid' party, as all the other parties we have really thrown have pretty much been for the adults. Kids had a good time, so I guess I was worried over nothing.

Above is another 'in progress' photo I took of the party favor gift. Any more guesses?

When I read this post by
Orange Flower Sketchbook I ran to my knitting needles and tried to finish the scarf I am making for my mom. I of course did not finish it today, but I am so so so tempted to try knitting lace after seeing that post.

And for those of you who are fans of the TV show Project Runway, did you know that
Jay McCarroll (season 1 winner) has now designed a line of quilt fabric for Free Spirit? How cool is that!


Kathie said...

kids birthday parties are the best at that age!
glad everyone had fun.
your comment on my blog I couldn't respond to but wanted to say thanks! i am loving making these blocks and a bit obsessed at the moment with making them
I am sure that will slow down as soon as I can start machine piecing again.
my real goal is one block a month.
love your blocks too! went back on your blog and found them hopefully one day it will be a quilt
I love that tree block in the upper right hand corner any idea where that block came from???thanks

kathleen said...

oh wow - I LOVE those lace ones. they look amazing! finish that scarf so I can see what you do with the lace stuff!! ; )

sherry said...

happy birthday to your two adorable boys. we miss them. glad to hear your party was so much fun.