Sunday, September 20, 2009

Falling into the iFold

I've finally done it. Taken the plunge. I'm the proud (and maybe terrified) owner of a new iPhone.

I originally thought, wow, this thing could really distract me from my quilting. That was only until I downloaded two new apps for it - QuiltFab and QuiltRef. They are really cute little iPhone applications that allow you to calculate how much fabric you need for the backing of your quilt or the binding you need to put on. Gee, handy.

Got a fav iPhone app? Please pass it along to me, the new kid on the iBlock. Meanwhile, I'll be here playing Stairway to Heaven on my ocarina.

The quilt block above is the 1st birthday signature block for our baby boy. He's a sweet and adorable little 1.


Kathie said...

cute block
and ooohhhh I want an iphone too
maybe for christmas
can allow myself to spend the money for it
so silly I know I will use it a lot!
and know i know it has these great quilt applications ;)

My Love is..... said...

I am so envious of your iphone. I love your birthday quilt squares I did one for my boys first birthday but forgot his 2nd....oops!! have to double up this year!!

Emily said...

Such a sweet block and a huge congratulations to you on your baby's first! Looks like you are going to have fun with your iphone!
~Emily xx

Chara Michele said...

Oh fun, I am going to check out those apps! :)

Roxie said...

Welcome to the iFold! I love my iphone. I have a voice recorder and take it to church with me. It records my pastor beautifully. I also have an app called Amazing Notes. My daughter and I both like that. Shazam is good one if you like songs and can't remember the name or artist. I also like iPeriod. By the way, while writing this comment I have downloaded both apps you recommended. Have fun with your new toy! Its the best toy I've ever had! Don't forget you can go to a website and save it to your homescreen. I have my bank on there, so its easy to check my balances.