Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clues in the Stitches

Have you ever looked for clues in the quilting stitches?

Can you decipher this deep and meaningful clue?

Ok, well...I wanted to post just a little something light on this rainy Wednesday.

Oh, and check out the tutorial/giveaway over at Mairuru - how to use up some tiny scraps and making something very cool and cute.


kathleen said...

zero equals zero.

Kathie said...

no winner in the tic tac toe game?
I love quilting little surprises in the quilt somewhere
or adding a different block in a quilt
finding things like words in an antique quilt is such a thrill or a date in the quilting...


Kathie said...

ihad to look again , now I will be thinking of this all day long!
I see your name in the next box
ok can't read what you already quilted in the box past the tic tac toe game!
did you use a pencil?
ok you need to tell me so I can go to sleep tonight!

Janet said...

That's very cute, I like it, a nice surprise. Thanks for the link, another nice blog.

Emily said...

That is so original. I think I also see your name written over on the right of the tic-tac-toe? Is that true?
~emily xx