Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brain Teaser: Who is this superwoman?

Ok, the above photo is of somebody you probably know. Got any guesses you brainy folks? Could it be Madonna? Lucinda Williams? Patricia Clarkson? or.....maybe somebody I ran into at AQSG?

And the 2nd part of the brain teaser is an acronym that I recently became aware of: "WAF"

Any guesses on what that one means? If you have no idea, ask your husband, he probably knows.

Meanwhile, I am hand quilting up a storm on that quilt top I mentioned back in August. Out of 9 blocks I have 6 quilted and hope to have them all done this weekend. Lofty goal, I know.

I'm also thanking my friend in Singapore for emailing me DVD's with Yoko Saito videos. Working on viewing them as they have a different country code on them than the US and will require a bit of fancy work to view. Thank you Mona, I'll let you know as soon as I figure out how to watch them.

Also, to drool over, is the incredible dress that Karyn made over at Make Something blog. She used Nani Iro fabrics (to die for, seriously beautiful).


Kathie said...

that is the FAMOUS BB!!!!
how lucky you are to meet her!
so can't wait for you to email me and tell me all about the AQSG

Una said...

Hey! I read on her blog that she was going to your town, and thought you might see her! Tell us more! Can't wait to see your precious quilting progress. ^hugs^

Jeanne said...

That's BB, alright. I have all of her books.

Martina Masini said...

Hi ther, you've been awarded 'One Lovely Blog Award'. To accept please go here

Thank you. :)