Monday, December 7, 2009

Amish Quilts and Amish Abstraction

Oh so busy busy, almost too busy to keep up the blog posts.

Trust me, I've been out there quilting, and running all over the bay area on behalf of quilts.

On Saturday I attended a symposium that included discussion of the Amish quilt exhibit (on display now) at the De Young Museum, Amish Abstractions.

During the symposium, we heard the point of view of Steven and Faith Brown (owners of the collection) who told us all about their love of the quilts and how they started collecting. They were so generous and amazing, if you can find your way to see this exhibit, you will be in for a rare treat.

Also included in the discussion were Jonathan Holstein, Robert Shaw, Joe Cunningham, and (I will confess the last one was my favorite) Janneken Smucker.

They all had lots to say about quilts, quilt making, and Amish culture. I'll try to share some of my notes with you as I work my way through them.

As I already mentioned, the quilts are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, so run...don't see this exhibit.

No photography allowed in the exhibit itself, so visit them in person for perhaps the most stunning quilt experience of your life (I mean it, I really do) or pick up a copy of the book which is very nice but really doesn't compare to the real deal.


Kathie said...

I thought about you on Saturday and was wondering how you were enjoying the symposium.
Can't wait to hear more about it and yes the book is on its way to me :)
oh please I need a report !

vivi said...

hi, marisa
i found your blog today
it's so interesting! i have kept it in favourites
I havebeen doing patchwork and quilting for 2 years now, but dreaming of it all my life before that (since I watched little house on the praire)
nice to meet you
vivi in argentina

Heidi said...

Hi Marisa,

I saw the Amish quilt exhibit at the DeYoung also. It was breathtaking. I bought the book but you are right, it doesn't compare to seeing them in person. I am definitely going back before the exhibit leaves.