Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Yoko Saito

I made block "F6" from the Dear Hannah quilt pattern using Japanese taupe fabrics.

Maybe I should call this quilt Dear Yoko instead of Dear Hannah. Do you think that Ms. Saito would approve of my use of taupe colors? I sure do hope so. I'm in love with little taupe applique blocks.

I'll be making another similar block for my sister's wedding quilt (which she will be lucky to receive on her 10th wedding anniversary at this rate! sorry sis - eek!).

It's starting to look very Christmas-y around here, and the kids can smell the closeness of Santa's arrival. We are still counting days instead of hours which is perhaps the only blessing there.

Mona, a friend from Singapore, visited the Yokohama quilt show and mailed me the catalog. Thank you so much Mona. Those quilts just blew my socks off. I'll have to photograph my favorite page for you or something.

She sent me Yoko Saito's business card with her email address on there. I sent her some fan email, but she has yet to invite me to lunch with her. I'm sure that will happen eventually.


ranette said...

I love this block...just love it!
Japanese taupes are so wonderful to work with....good job!

Fairy Quilt said...

Yr most welcome. Do post yr favourite page. I am curious. Your Dear Yoko Block is great!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful... you did a great job !!!
I'm just venturing into patchwork/applique/quilting and finding lots of inspiration on japanese designers !
Just a little bit difficult to find "taupes" locally.