Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shakin' it up

In case you don't live in California, and didn't feel all the earthquakes we've had in the last 24 hours, I'll just say that they keep us on our toes here.

No damage thank goodness, but sheesh! Enough already!

I am always falling in love again and again with incredible toy companies, and Rubbabu is no exception. Their products are not only super fun and functional, but beautiful as well.

I gave them to my boys for Little Christmas, which was yesterday. I always try to give my boys a little something to close out the season each year on Little Christmas.

I have been making more Dear Hannah blocks as you can tell from the above.

What may you ask is the awesome book laying underneath this beautiful block?

Any guesses?

Is it so pretty that it's distracting you from looking at my block?! Better not be!


antique quilter said...

I bet it is a book I would love to own
love the fabrics your using for your block
I really need to start collecting these taupes and japanese fabrics, beautiful

Helen said...

That's a book?? Looks like an absolutely beautiful quilt to me :-)

Una said...

Assuming it is a book cover, I think your block and the cover compliment each beautifully!! These blocks are stunning. I have signed up for a lecture and class with Yoko Saito in March - I hope to get a spot (will know for sure in feb). Take care, U

Shasta Matova said...

It's a beautiful book, but no it absolutely doesn't take away the attention from the block. They are great compliments. Love your word of the year!

sophie said...

I'm curious to know about the book, because that is a beautiful cover, but it merely compliments your charming block. I love it!