Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2010

Raise your hand if you're going to the Tokyo Dome quilt show this year!

Ok, so I'm not raising my hand.

Not for lack of interest, but with a baby in the house, travel to Japan is not in the cards for me this year. (tear rolls down cheek)

What is one to do with no ticket to Tokyo?

Sit around the house and cry all weekend? Dream of all those awesome taupe quilts and handmade quilts that I won't get to see in person? Start eating boxes of chocolate in a fit of sorrow while contemplating missing a chance to meet Yoko Saito in person? Invite all my quilting friends over to feel bad for me?

No, no no no no! We shall have none of that.

Lucky for me (and you, if you aren't going either) there are a small handful of extremely generous quilters who visit the show and post their photos online.

Both Jennifer of Moving Hands blog and Alex of Moonstitches have posted some of the best photo collections I could find in past years.

Looks like Jennifer is going this year. Please check out her amazing blog Moving Hands, it is really one of the most beautiful out there. I have said it before, but her hand quilting is amazing and her color pallet is beautiful.

If you plan to go to the Tokyo Dome and share photos with us, pls do leave a comment so I can pass along links to the rest of the folks.

Oh, and the book in the last post that I did is Quilt Party - Yoko Saito's catalog of student work from 2008. It contains 81 pages of full color, full length photos of her student's taupe quilts. Some would call this sort of publication 'quilt porn'. I call it a little slice of heaven.


Lis said...

Thanks for the links Marissa. I'm going to Tokyo...but not until April, how daft is that? Will head over to those blogs and take a look at what I'll miss.

Una said...

Hey! How lovely your block is!!
Jan of Be*mused (bemused.typepad.com)is also going. I think she is bringing her camera along too;) These ladies certainly bring a certain glow to January.

kathleen said...

Personally, I'd resort to eating that entire box of cookies with the chocolate clumps on them that you had the other night, along with a bottle of wine, a pair of comfortable heels, and karaoke.

but that's just me.

Shasta said...

That's pretty applique in the picture. I'm not going to Tokyo, didn't even know the show was going on, now I can sit home and pout. Will definitely look for photos coming up.

thapthim said...

I raise my hand I didnot go to Tokyo Dome ha ha ha because I 'm afraid of the cool weather but my friend who went to TokyoDome told me that at that week the weather
was warmer . Oh ! dear...so sad
But thank for give me a chance to see picture of Tokyo Dome from
Jennifer of Moving Hands .
Pao from Thailand