Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zauberball Yarn with inspiration from Moonstitches

A very long time ago, the lovely and talented Alex of Moonstitches made a scarf she called the rhubarb scarf.

I decided to do something similar, but am using this German yarn called the Zauberball.
Check out these socks made from it over at Simply Fabulous Cari
Translated it means the "magic ball".

It has every color in the rainbow and is quite the traffic stopping scarf.

For my taste, it certainly has a lot of color, but I think I'm getting used to it and if worn with something simple, I think it will look pretty cool.

Do you think it's OK, or too wild?

Well, over lunch, or if you have some spare cycles tomorrow if you have the day off for MLK, enjoy the first flickr set of the Tokyo Dome show 2010 that I have seen - graciously posted by Jennifer of Moving Hands.

Well worth a look - as is all her work! Thank you so much for sharing so quickly! Someday I will be there, and will post my photos for you.


Kim said...

Oooh I love it!! I just finished a baktus scarf out of this yarn! You're right...very colorful but oh so cool! Your scarf is beautiful!!!

Sharon said...

Wow, it's so amazing! Love it!

marianne said...

I agree, it's beautiful! And your lovely photography skills don't hurt either!

Freeblady said...

I love the colors! Your scarf is definitely traffic stopping! :)

Susan said...

OOOO SO PRETTY! Can't wait to see it in person. You have made so much progress!