Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liberty of London fabric for quilting

I'm as greedy as the next person when it comes to Liberty of London fabric and my collection that I'm building to make a quilt someday. I do share them with my mom though so we have a matching collection of our Liberty.

I would not say no to a fat quarter of each and every print Liberty of London has ever made in their entire long existence as a company. Their florals literally bowl me over. True Up blog recently did a nice post on how and where to get these fabrics.

Perhaps I have finally decided what to do with these fabrics, but then again, making a quilt with them would involve cutting them up.

If you were to make a quilt with Liberty of London fabrics, what pattern would you use?

Oh and for a visual treat, check out my beautiful sister's Catherine Wheel scarf - it's amazing! I am thinking of starting another one, really fun pattern to make.

More on the fiber/spinning convention next post - lots to say on that one.


Colleen said...

Gorgeous fabrics. I'm not sure I could cut them up... unless I was making something for my sister. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AnnaVallance said...

Who says you need a pattern? If these are great fabrics, maybe a whole cloth quilt is the way to go.

nvallon said...

I love liberty fabrics, too. I made a little dear Jane quilt as a baby quilt for my son. You can see it here :
The quilt has 49 blocks and I used 51 different liberty fabrics, (even the white).
I'm sure you will make a wonderful quilt with your liberty fabrics.