Saturday, July 31, 2010

Favorite Kid's books...ideas anyone?

I finally made something from the I Heart Patchwork book, but I need to photograph it in good light for you. It's the little flower pin cushion.

I'm preparing for the boys birthday parties, so looking around on Amazon. Think that perhaps I'll get a couple more Rubbabu ball toys for them. These things are simply awesome.

Also looking at some Caledecott winners. Picking just a couple of books is hard because they are all so beautiful. Do you have any favorites? It's hard to find something better than Flotsam.

The above is some Joyland Melody Superwash yarn I'm using on the Catherine Wheel scarf that is currently my portable project of choice. Mostly due to my fear of having my beloved quilting scissors taken away during air travel. Home sweet home, glad to be back!


Colleen said...

Gorgeous yarn. You know I'm lovin that red color.

Elizabeth said...

Both me and my kids loved the Russell the Sheep books by Rob Scotton.

Janie said...

Here are some of our families favorites;Over in the Meadow illustrated by John Langstaff, Frog
Went a-courtin' John Langstaff and
The Fox went out on a Chilly Night.