Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making room

When we were in Barrington, Illinois, I bought some fabric from their Civil War section as well as some more shirtings. It's mostly destined for the wedding signature quilt (yes, I'm STILL thinking about that quilt).

The birthday season will be upon us soon enough for our boys, so we went through a lot of their current toys today.

Some will be donated, some passed along to other smaller kids, and others just organized so that all the parts are in one place. At least we have a little more space for the incoming toys.

I'm personally on a bit of a toy kick these days. I remember so clearly playing with all the old toys we had from Fisher Price when I was small. I am thinking of giving a few of those old sets to the boys for their birthdays.

I'm also obsessed with Plan Toys. Their City Station would cause me to play with it for days and days. Two of their modern racers found their way home with me this afternoon and were well loved all day long by two very competitive boys. I want to buy this 'green' dollhouse for my niece.

I'm sure there are toys from your childhood that you can almost still feel in your hands even now. What were your favorites?

Mrs. Beasley anyone?

Maybe I'm showing my age here...oops.


Lis said...

Don't know Plan Toys but clicked on your link and they look great. We had far fewer toys when we were small (showing my age too) but I think my favourite was the Printing Set with all the little rubber letters and the ink pad - hours of fun!

Carol said...

I was all about the dolls. My friend and I played with Ginny dolls and then the larger Madame Alexander dolls. As soon as we could, we made clothes for them.

Colleen said...

Ha! I rememer you LOVED Mrs B! That is too funny. As you already know it was all about my Cabbage Patch doll for me. Years of fun, fun, fun! Do you think that is why I have red hair now... hum?!

ray said...

We have a little toy store that sells lots of wooden toys, including the Plan Toys. I bought Bodhi a couple of their trains for his wooden train set for his last birthday. They're very cute. I'm actually very happy that I saved some of my old toys now that he's getting old enough to play with them. My favorite were always Legos and they are now one of his favorites, too. yay!

denise said...

My son loved the Lego pirate ship - the big one - it even had a working cannon!