Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kindergarten: one giant step for parent-kind

There are days in your life that certainly qualify as major milestones. Your wedding day, when you first get your drivers license, the day you give birth.

For me, today is one of those days: The first day of Kindergarten.

As we walked up to the brand new school with brand new teacher and brand new kids, my son held my hand and said, "I'm shy, Mommy".

We got to the door of his classroom together (still holding hands) and as soon as we got very close, he just ran right in and never looked back.

He's just that kind of kid, a real go-getter and a lover of life and new experiences. I have almost cried several times when talking to friends about our first baby going off to 'big kid' school. I am so proud, I just cannot say.

Above is a photo of the vintage Fisher Price toy that I got for his 5th birthday which is coming up soon. I had the same one when I was a kid. I hope he likes it.


Natalie said...

The school house? What fun.
Oh, the barn! I love the barn. I wish I had had either one.
Congratulations on this special milestone.

Colleen said...

He is getting so big. I'm so proud of both of you! :)

Anonymous said...

I had that exact same toy as a kid as well, those magnetic letters bring back a lot of memories! Addy and I will have to play on my next visit.

sherry said...

we had almost all the fisher price toys when we were kids. i loved the castle. in fact i bet i could still find it if i looted through my parents attic. mason just started kindergarten today. yikes. it is a really scary experience for us parents. mason of course was just fine.