Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quilt Blogs with Beautiful Photos

Busy week for us, but the highlight so far was having my knitting group over to catch up and visit.

Some people look forward to their weekend time, but I look forward to 'knit nite; or quilting night as the case may be.

I worked a little bit on this scarf I have due to a general lack of energy to pull out the sewing machine. I'll get back to that soon.

Meanwhile, I ran around the house taking photos for you with my lensbaby on the camera. It's like a lens and a slinky at the same time, really fun to play.

You know I love to take photos, and maybe some of you remember the photo tutorial I wrote some time ago about how to take better blog pictures of your projects.

What are your favorite blogs with beautiful photos of either quilts or knitting? I'm looking for fresh new inspiration. Maybe you have some ideas for me.

Lately I've been lurking around on:

There are millions out there, but I'm over the moon when I find a blog that not only has beautiful projects, but beautiful light as well.

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Colleen said...

Your LensBaby looks so fun! Remind me to play with it next time we see eachother.
I don't have any cool quilting blogs, but I really like this one:
She does a lot os scrapbooking, but knits a bit too! Great photos. :)