Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter! Basket Quilts anyone?

If you are celebrating Easter this weekend, I wish you the happiest Easter ever.

For this holiday, we decided the dessert featured will be a cream cheese pound cake, topped with strawberries and home made whipped cream. Yummy!

On the healthy side, we are also trying to recreate a salad recipe that we love - it's from a big chain restaurant - California Pizza Kitchen - (do these exist outside of the U.S.? I am not sure I have ever seen one). The salad is their Cobb salad, and we are going to try to make the ranch dressing from scratch too.

A while back, I picked up bunch of antique quilt blocks, one of which you see above, that are all the same, and have these chocolate brown and aqua green baskets on them. They are all on point, and are so very adorable.

I hope to find just the right sashing fabric for these blocks eventually so I can finish up a very spring-ish looking quilt.

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DaiseyB said...

I was just wondering if you had ever done any sewing from Japanese Patterns and if so how hard is it to figure out.