Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gift for the 90 year old who has it all

Our gramma is turning 90 next week, and for some time now I have been thinking, "Gee, what can I get her?"

Well, she used to knit a bit and I think she likes handmade things, so I ended up knitting a small scarf for her. It's in a crazy golden color, one of those striking jewel tones that I like a lot. I hope that she finds it soft and comfy and that it brightens up her birthday.

I have some notes on how I made it in ravelry here, but the pattern was very easy to memorize even for somebody who is really a quilter and occasionally fakes knitting projects.

The yarn I used is Malabrigo lace weight yarn which is so soft, I cannot tell you in words how soft, you really just have to touch it yourself. It did have some knots in the ball though, and I think knitters who know what they are doing really hate those. I kind of ignored them and kept going (probably not the right thing to do, but come on here, I'm a quilter!).

I also got her an electronic photo frame and my DH is helping me fill it with photos of the kids. Probably she will like that a lot better than the scarf, but I wouldn't blame her.

So here's to us all living to see 90, living to still do aerobics at that age (as our gramma does), and to gracefully getting older since - gosh - isn't that what we are sorta doing anyhow?

And Yes, I know I agreed to stop buying things on Etsy (or at least try to stop!) but I could not avoid one very tiny relatively inexpensive little teenie thing....Retro Scandanivian Style Star Wars Posters!

Maybe they sell 12 step program guides on how to give up Etsy...Hey, can I buy one of those on Etsy? Ahhhhh!


Julie Fukuda said...

I love that scarf. I can hardly wait until my grandkids are old enough to knit. It won't be long now. My daughter began at four and I got a hat and some neat cable socks last year. Handmade stuff is the best.

Kim said...

Gorgeous scarf! I'm another quilter that likes to fake being a knitter! ;o)

Dorothee said...

That is just beautiful! Did you already give it to your Grandma, what did she think?