Friday, July 1, 2011

Infant knit hat - fit for a forest sprite!

This is the second hat I whipped up for my baby niece.

I know, using an ugly doll to model it is a bit of an oddity, but anyhow it kinda matched the shape of his ears, so it had to be done.

The yarn is handspun. I am starting to wonder if I like knitting or spinning more. At this point I think spinning is actually the winner.

This weekend we are in town celebrating the holiday. Lots of stuff in plan though.

To Do:

1) See Cars 2 movie - am I the last person on the planet to see this? The little one has never really been to a movie on the big screen. I am so excited about this.

2) Take photos for more modern house quilt blocks - time to get ready for next month's class. I will make my confession to you now that I did get some new fabric recently for this project. I cannot wait to quilt with it! More on that soon.

3) Write up a blog post about our quilty adventures in San Francisco for you all to enjoy the links.

4) Investigate putting PDF modern house quilt block patterns up for sale on my blog...shouldn't be rocket science, right?

5) Catalog some of my quilting books on my new app - iBookshelf - it's kinda cool. Maybe I can stop wondering which books I have and which I don't!

What's on your to-do list this weekend?

If you don't have a good list yet well then - start by voting on my hand quilting poll if you haven't yet - it closes in only 3 days! Oops, make that 2!


Sharon said...

This is soooo super adorable on babies!! You have to link to your sisters photography when / if she posts her newborn shoot.

Julie Fukuda said...

Sitting in my Tokyo sauna (living room) I just can't think about that warm little cap.
I already finished my list for today ... it was cleaning the house.