Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recovering right along

Well, my fingers have finally recovered from posting such a GIANT blog post last time about all my Yoko Saito books. Thanks to those of you who actually made it through and appreciated it...you are hard core!

I managed to finish my first full sized adult knitted garment recently - it's the Liesl pattern by Coco Knits. It was very mindless, even for me, a pretty much non-knitter. I have to figure out how to seam it and then get on to blocking so I can impress my knitting friends by showing them that I actually knit something (finally!). Maybe I'll model it for you sometime soon. Perhaps I would freak you out by appearing on my own blog ala Martha Stewart.

I have also been working on some applique signature blocks for my up-coming son's birthdays. I even slipped in a block for my sister's girl since my sister is on the busy side these days with her new baby. Something tells me I may end up doing them for her even when she doesn't have a new baby, but I will confess I enjoy it so it's all good.

Last week we lost the father of a dear family friend, so I'm posting a photo of some flowers above in his honor to cheer up those who have had a very sad week. The green flowers are called 'green trick'. I found them to be quite unusual and really pretty. My kids said they think they look like grass. Here's to recovering right along as best we can.

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