Friday, August 19, 2011

A Yoko A Day: Yoko Saito Quilt books - day 5 (陽子斉藤)

Title: Patchwork of 1, 2, and 3 Patch Blocks

ISBN: 4-529-02567-5

Summary: Like the title says, these patterns are pretty simple. They are made from blocks in 1 shape (like 9 patches) or 2 shapes (as seen on the cover above) and even a few projects have 3 different shapes the pattern. Lots of little zipper bags, pretty much the cutest stuffed elephant you've ever seen on p32, adorable 'spools' pattern sewing pouch on p.35, pin cushion, doll quilts on p. 29, place mats, table cloth, full sized bed quilts, crib quilt...TONS of projects here. This book is older (1995) so finding it out in the wild might not be an easy task.


Gingini said...

Thank you for showing this book. I love alle the Yoko Saito books, but didn't know this one.

Susan said...

I like this one! Looks super cute.