Friday, August 19, 2011

A Yoko A Day: Yoko Saito Quilt books - day 6 (陽子斉藤)

Title: Yoko Saito and Kids (I think?, your guess is probably as good as mine on this one!)
ISBN: 978-4-86322-084-3

Summary: Super cute kids quilts, including another alphabet quilt (my fav!), a log cabin baby quilt, Jack and the Beanstalk applique kids quilt, some redwork, on p.21, my favorite kids quilt by Ms. Saito - it has trees, houses, but an awesome road that you could use to run your toys all along. I have had several requests in my household to make this quilt. Mobile, backpack, kids hat, paper pieced ducky, place mat, bibs, p48 has instructions for this block that has 4 pieces in unusual block but a very pretty one. I would consider paper piecing this (of course Ms. Saito hand pieces it).


Julie Fukuda said...

Baby quilt and ...? Can't see the whole title. Above it says child's patchwork in the smaller print. What are you going to make?

Julie Fukuda said...

Can't see the whole title but small print is Saito Yoko children's patchwork and the big title says Baby quilt and Ko(might say kodomo(children) and whatever is off the picture.

emily said...

Hey Marisa, I can't seem to find the contact button to contact you but I'm in love with the quilt that only shows a little tiny bit at the top. Do you have a full view of that? Thanks! Emily B