Sunday, October 30, 2011

600th Post: Here's to a handmade halloween costume

It's a bit crazy that I have had 600 blog posts.

I should figure out some big post party or a giveaway or something.  I think I said that on my 500th, and am still living in guilt of not taking any action there.  Oops, oh well...too busy to let it fester much!

The above photo is my little one in his handmade Halloween costume.  He's ready to rock this holiday.  He kinda looks like he's casting a spell on the neighborhood.  Count me in as one of the smitten.

When I made the costume, I basically got a ton of purple felt, laid the kid down on the fabric, and started cutting it out around him.  I sorta remember making my DH help cut out the stars and moons very late at night.

I think he would have prefered to be Iron Man or some branded character (sigh, the media) but after a lot of 'testing out' of the costume, I think he's finally embracing it.

We have a nut-free Halloween due to diet restrictions, so we got our candy from Peanut-Free Planet.  It's an awesome place to get treats if you have little ones that don't do nuts.

What are you going to be this year?  Have a safe one!


handmade said...

very nice blog !! I love japanese fabrics and quilts

AnnaVallance said...

Brings back memories of when our girls were little. Love the handmade costume. As the girls got older they were encouraged to make their own; it was always great to see where their imagination took them.