Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taupes, Taupes, Taupes

The nice folks over at One World Fabrics sent me a little gift of fabric recently and I wanted to share a quick photo with you.

Their bite sized taupe fabric packs are very high quality and I have already been enjoying using them in a quilt block.

There are general two types of fabrics that they carry:  one is the 'print' taupe fabrics that are similar in concept to American printed quilt fabric.  They are not double sided, but they are beautiful and have those muted tones that I love working with.  The other type is the yarn dyed which are woven and more or less the same on both sides.  These are my true love.  So many beautiful browns....sigh...just awesome.  I made an entire quilt out of these with my sister once and I'm using them also for the birthday blocks for my younger son.

If you have been working with taupe fabrics, I think you'll enjoy what One World has to offer.  When I need a quick online fix I will end up heading there to see what there latest packs have in store.

I also have another finished modern quilt block (in taupes), but will save that for the next post.

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