Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring it in...hello 2012!

2011 was a good year and in many ways I'll be missing it.

For the holiday we did a little travel to see family which was really fun, but we saw old friends too and had quite a busy time.

For Christmas my DH gave me a new drop spindle from Golding Fiber Tools which I knew would be pretty.  It is crazy or maybe just a leap of faith to purchase a spindle without trying it but people say that these spindles are very nice.

I was thinking gee, they are beautiful, and I'm sure they spin well, so why not try one.

Well, let me tell you...they are certainly worth all the fuss people make over them.  I am not sure my other spindles will be getting much love from here on out.  Sorry!!  This Golding is my new best friend for spinning.

I did not end up finishing the sewing project I was working on for the kids before the holiday but I DID finish it just in time for our road trip.  More on that next time with some photos.
I was looking through my posts from last January to see if I was crazy enough to make any resolutions.  I may have been smart enough not to do that.  Whew.  No guilt.  That was smart. 

If I were to resolve to do anything differently this year, I think it will be to try and enjoy the ride.  Things seem too busy these days.  Time seems to be rushing past at a faster pace now that the kids are getting a little bigger.

Okok and I'll confess that in the deep dark recesses, I have a personal hankering to buy a little more Japanese fabric...I'm thinking it would be fun to pick it out myself in Yuzawaya.  We'll see if I pull that off.

Happy New Year!

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