Friday, January 6, 2012

Grab your Viewmaster and Go!

Did you have a Viewmaster when you were a kid?

I did.  I remember loving it.  I sort of don't remember what themes the photos were that I had, but I think I had a zoo animal pack at the very least and I kept it in a thick cardboard cylinder shaped box. 

Original debut of this toy was at the 1939 World's Fair and since then 1.5 billion reels have been produced.

My kids get a kick out of presents that I make for them, so this Christmas I made them a Viewmaster Tote.

The fabric I used is from Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising collection.  I've had the fabric for a while and think it is pretty difficult to find at this stage of the game as yardage.

Bag handles I used are available from SuperBuzzy (awesome online Japanese fabric shop - they even include candy with your order) and are from Leicen's Candy Pop line.

The insides of the bag are Timtex interfacing which give it that stiff construction (4 layers on the bottom - that was really fun to sew through).  I put pockets on the inside that hold the 6 extra Viewmaster reels.  Because the reels come in 3 packs, and I was making 3 totes, they could borrow each other's reels to see all the images.  

On our 7 hour car trip from Northern California to Southern California over the holidays, my sons literally played with this toy for the first three hours, and for some significant time after that as well.  It was so cute.  They really appreciated the toy and the work put into the tote.

It looks like I'm not the only one in love with Viewmaster though:

  • Hardcore fans can have wedding invitations custom created with reel photos of the happy couple and a Viewmaster shipped to each of the lucky guests.  If only I could get married all over again!

  • Hang a pop art retro poster up on your wall to show your Viewmaster enthusiasm
  • Dress your 3 yr old girl up in a head to toe Viewmaster dress.  Why don't they offer these in adult sizes?!
  • For around $25 you can star in your very own 3D Viewmaster reel.  I'll let you know as soon as a Quilt Otaku reel becomes available.
  • Become a serious Viewmaster photographer and tote your Viewmaster camera around with you on your next family vacation.
I realize this post is already way too long, but I cannot also resist the urge to include a link to this adorable hexagon/pentagon patchwork ball with tutorial that I saw linked to from Ms. Miller's blog created by Kristy Daum.  I'm adding this to my rapidly growing "To-Make" list!


pamela said...

Cute bag! Love the patchwork ball tutorial too.

Remember that knitting podcast I mentioned?


Suz said...

Well, we spent many hours with our viewmaster as children... but for some reason my kids just don't get it... perhaps it's not instant enough - after all, you have to look at it, then read it, then look at it again to work out what the words mean... then click to the next picture... you know - they have a life... tres cool fabric though :-)

Nicole said...

Yesterday, when I was trying to throw down my Viewmaster knowledge I forgot that I any and all knowledge gained had been from this blog post. I'm a dork!