Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mystery of the Middle Finger

At the dinner table the other night our 6 yr old boy said, "Mommy, I heard at school today that if you show somebody your middle finger, it means something really bad."

I of course told him he was right and that he probably doesn't want to be holding up his middle finger to people.
Of course it can't be left at that.

He says, "So, does it mean the 'S' word?"

I ask in a very quiet voice so the 3 yr old cannot hear me, "do you mean stupid?"

He nods.
I tell him that it's way worse than stupid and that he should put it out of his mind and not worry about it.

The next morning we are getting ready for school and he asks me out of nowhere, "Mommy, does it mean dam?"...(or damn for that matter)

I try to find out if he knows what 'dam' implies, and he says that he doesn't understand what that word means either.

So for now, the meaning of the middle finger continues to be a mystery to us in this household, but we are not very satisfied with that ending.  Oh well.  Get used to disappointment.

This weekend we have Thomas the Train layouts to build, ice skating to be had, and hand applique class to be taught.  I think everybody is looking forward to it.
Hope your weekend is shaping up just as nicely.


Kathie said...

oh treasure their innocence for as long as you can.
I remember conversations like this....enjoy every minute they grow up way too fast...good luck at your class have fun teaching

Suz said...

Following a discussion about a friend of my 6yr old daughters, who was a flower girl, and what that meant, she asked me who the "ring bear" was - so cute, "I think you mean a ring bearer..." and explained what bearer meant. She thought that it was someone dressed up as a bear :)

kathleen said...

I looked up the "disappointment" link. And then had to search for "disappointment" because it's a long page. How very clever you are madame. What a wonderful flick!