Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to configure your quilt studio: out of Legos!

We've been keeping busy lately as usual.

I am still hand piecing small triangles to make more patchwork balls.  So relaxing and rewarding to see them come together.

We visited the Exploratorium in San Francisco with the kids and none of us were sure who had a better time, kids or parents.  Usually parents can drag kids along to certain places where they will tolerate being there, and vice versa.  In this case, we all had a blast which is a rare treat.  You can see my 6 yr old in the above photo using their wall of bubbles.  If you look long enough you might even see me in there.

We did not have time to stop in at PeaPod Fabrics, time I'll make time for those beautiful Japanese imported fabrics.

I also was aimlessly wandering around in Target tonight and picked up THE MOST amazing LEGO set ever.: Lego set 3639!  It's called Emma's Fashion Design Quilt Studio.  It includes a storage unit for your quilt stash, a desk with a laptop and a veggie sandwich, a cutting table complete with iPhone, quilting ruler, pink coffee mug, and Ott light, a camera (for taking photos for your blog), and a fashion sketch area quilt design wall.

You know I love Legos, but this one takes the cake.  It's ME, in Lego form!  Serious cuteness.

In the vein of keeping busy:
  • I'm teaching hand applique again next weekend on Sunday, 1/22 at Verb - Northern California Modernists at Home.  You guessed it, more modern home applique blocks!  Would love to meet you, come join us for some fun.

  • I'm becoming a student at Stitches West and trying to figure out how to design knitwear (scary!)

  • I've been listening to a new podcast called Knit Knit Cafe - very informative and super adorable mother/son team.  Ben and Abby rock.

  • I'm waiting with bated breath for the new/old camera my DH found on eBay - watch out, it makes ViewMaster photos!  I'll be armed and dangerous shortly.
With that, to those of you who are having a long weekend in celebration of the great MLK, do enjoy your extra day off!

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Corinne DeBra said...

Marisa, you are a creative force! Good reminder about Ott light products; great for task/specific lighting for blog photo taking -- for those pesky little areas that seem to stay in shadow when you don't want them to.