Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pins: more is more

I picked up some glass head pins from Sajou recently.  They feel very timeless in my hands and if you iron them, they don't melt like pins that have plastic heads.  I could not find a good link to get them at Bagsmith, but I purchased them there in a convention show booth.

Collecting and using beautiful tools is something I love to do as it makes the quilting process all that more enjoyable.  I started a flickr set for my photos of pin cushions.  Feel free to add a photo of your favorite to the pincushion group if you have a cool one.

Since Easter is coming, this year I want to try and make some neon dyed Easter eggs

I also saw a recent Lego creation where the builder made little collections of figures out of very simple Lego towers.  I am not sure I can guess who all of these are, but they were pretty cool.  I can get some of them...Simpsons, Bert & Ernie, Smurfs...

I was wondering if this Japanese Cat Camera called Necono might be an interesting first digital camera for my son.  The camera itself is in the shape of a cat.  I'm a huge sucker for Japanese plastics. 

For the last couple of issues, I have been enjoying a Japanese magazine called Giorni.  Have you ever read it? They even did an article on Liberty of London recently.

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AnnaVallance said...

Hi Marisa,
Just wanted to tell you that I got your package - thanks again.