Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stripe Invasion: Socks = Twisted Limone, Quilts, Walls...

My fondness for self-striping sock yarn has landed most folks in my family a new pair of hand knit socks using custom dyed yarn by Twisted Limone.  I'm working on a pair for myself in green and purple.  

Why are the colors kelly green and dark purple always saved for the villains?  Joker, Riddler, Lex Luthor...and shortly me, if I ever finish knitting these.

My stripe baby quilt is still in the hoop.  I wanted to finish it by Easter, but it is probably not trending in that direction unfortunately.

I have been looking at the work of Markus Linnenbrink lately and wondering if the colors he uses could be applied for inspiration to a quilt.  Would love to see his work on my wall someday.  Maybe I'll buy one someday if I have a mid-life crisis (instead of a sports car?).

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kathleen said...

no way. SPORTS CAR!