Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilting Videos: Yoko Saito vs. Liberty of London

Would You Rather see a video by Yoko Saito about hand quilting, or a video about all the amazing artists that design fabric for Liberty of London?

I couldn't decide, so I watched (and loved) both:

Does anybody out there already have Yoko Saito's book called Floral Bouquet Quilt?  (I think that's the title anyhow...)  Check out this cute video of her on her site talking about some patterns in the book and watch as she demo's her method of hand quilting.  She doesn't use a hoop which I think is very interesting. 

In the Liberty of London video you can hear a bit about how the designers work as they create these amazing (*warning* and addicting) fabrics.

Have you tried the Quilter's Dream batt in wool?  I love their cotton bats, so low loft, so easy to quilt through.  I'm really interested to check out this stuff.  It looks a bit like it might be on the thick side though...hard to tell from a photo, but there is one up on Purl Soho.

The above blossoms were hanging over my side of the fence in my yard.  That makes them my property, right?  Considering they are now in my kitchen...they certainly are!  Let's hear it for the sakura.


Susan said...

Yoko is such an amazing hand quilter. So a spoon, huh?! That must be the secret....

Dorothy said...

A friend sent me a copy of Yoko's Floral Bouquet book and it is wonderful! Her work is so inspirational.

Jay said...

I also have copy of Yoko's Floral Bouquet book, and the book is amazing. Just like what we expect coming from her. It is full of wonderful projects and the pictures are so inspiring. I've watched Yoko's YouTube video a number of times. It's great to be able to get at least a glimpse of the way she does things. I especially love the idea of using the plastic spoon as an aid for hand basting. And the weight to help hold the quilts when hand quilting is an awesome idea. Best Regards and Happy Stitching! Jay