Thursday, March 8, 2012

Socks - on the run

I knit the above socks for my DH from Twisted Limone yarn.  This yarn is addictive.  I have been working on socks during swimming lessons, piano lessons and basically whenever I'm on the run with the kids.  Amazing how quickly they knit up when it's self-stripe yarn.  Only need to carry around one ball with you.

I used the afterthought construction method to make the heel  in case you're curious, in order to make a cute little bull's eye on the heel.

Check out these awesome Yoko Saito blocks over at Isadarena Passions Blog - so pretty.

Want to see the cutest teenie quilt/mug rug ever?  Small but adorable by my friend So Sue.

Tanis Fiber Arts just posted a cute way to photograph her yarn balls.  I'm thinking it would work well for quilt blocks too.  Never enough good photography tips!


Susan said...

Socks came out great!! The yarn photos are amazing!

Chara Michele said...

These are so cute!