Monday, April 9, 2012

Fabric Stash: how to organize it

I got the wild idea to organize my Japanese Taupe fabric collection.

I am embarrassed to say the above is only a portion of my fabric, although it is a big chunk of it.  It makes me want to create a million zillion taupe quilts. 

I store my fabric in wire bins so they can have air flow around them.  Textiles don't like to be stored in plastic, or near light.  I keep a huge very low cost Ikea curtain thrown over the bin holder at all times to avoid light damage.  I did not always do this and I had some damage unfortunately.  Over time, please do be careful of this.

Inside of the bins, I start with genre of fabric (ie  Japanese Taupes, Japanese Yarn Dyed, Civil War Reproductions, 1930's reproductions, etc) and I organize by color inside of the genre.  Most quilts I make out of only one genre pallet so the organization method matches my design thinking for a new quilt.

While wandering around the web:

I picked up an amazing knit shawl pin recently by Plover - keep your shawl on you or use in a scarf.  Beautiful.  Most clever designs.

My son asked me to paint my nails in this color (his favorite) and I did.  That's love for you.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Blue Blossoms Easter Egg - wow, nuff said.

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AnnaVallance said...

Hate to say this but my fabric collection is kept in plastic bags that sheets and duvets are packaged in. But I do love your shawl pin and that green nail polish would look good on my toes.