Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter - celebrate with a wool felt Easter basket: ala Purl Bee

Whenever the Purl Bee does a blog post with a project I always say to myself, "Gee, I'm going to make that!"  

Have you ever said that?  Ok, perhaps I'm not alone here. many of you have gone and followed all the directions and actually MADE the project? 

Ah- Ha!  Perhaps a smaller subset.

Well, for once, I followed their tutorial, and made the Purl Bee "Super Simple Felt Easter Basket".

Were their directions good?  Yes! 

Did the materials the recommend work as they say...another Yes!  

Did the project come out cute?  Of course Yes.  

Did I stick to the exact directions?  Well...not really.

Here's the scoop:

I could not help but use a basting needle instead of the needle they recommended.  A giant needle really helped me get through this monster thick felt.  I was glad I didn't try a small needle.

I also did not do the yarn embellishment on the top of the basket, but I added some wool felt decorations that I felt it needed.

I cut the leaves out of some wool felt I have had for a while, and I used a Sizzix Punches to stamp through the natural dyed wool felt I recently picked up at Verb. 

The project was really fun and I appreciated the online free tutorial.  I tried to make a bit 'manly' (can an Easter basket be manly?) since I was making it for my DH.

The materials themselves are more on the high quality side (not low cost), but the result is beautiful.  If the felt was less expensive, I would think about making more of these. 

If you're celebrating Easter, have a very happy one this year.

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Corinne DeBra said...

Great felt basket Marisa. Happy Easter.