Thursday, April 26, 2012

Modern Design and Quilting

Lately, I have had modern design on the brain.  Specifically, modern household items.

I'm in love with the designs of Heini Riitahuhta from Finland. 

Her pottery is divine and was featured in a Japanese crafting and lifestyle magazine recently called Giorni.

I managed to pick up a couple of pieces and find them very inspirational. 

There is a Japanese web site called Koruja Matka that looks like they carry her buttons.  I may ask my Japanese girlfriend to translate the site to at least figure out their address.

Anyhow, this love of modern household items has me all excited and in process of designing small modern quilt blocks.  A little series with more simple design as compared to the modern house blocks that I created.  I will confess those house blocks do have a fair number of applique pieces.

My little sister used to do hand applique with me and when she picked out a block, I think she had something like a limit of 10 pieces max.  Let's see if I can design these so that even the serious time-challenged applique artist can whip them up in an hour or two.

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Sharon Troia said...

Sooo looking forward to seeing your designs! Love your asthetic!