Monday, May 21, 2012

Handspun Yarn and an interesting reason why taking photos in good light was a challenge this weekend

Above is a photo of the hand spun yarn that I navajo plied from the school kids that I mentioned in my last post.  

The fiber is from 3 different sheep breeds:  Targhee, Merino, and Polwarth.  I am not sure I would have spun all of these together into one yarn, but they look actually really cool.  The children did a really nice job.

I'm thinking I'll make some friendship bracelets out of the yarn for them with maybe a little felted wool bead similar to these ones I made for my son's class.

For the blog photos, I try to use good daytime light on the weekends to photograph my current projects for posts upcoming the next week.  Taking good photos for me only really happens during the sunny parts of the day and I usually only get a chance at that on Saturday or Sunday when I don't have other things going on.

This past weekend, I was trying to take some photos of fabrics I've been playing around with, but the light was not cooperating.  

Why you say?  Why during the afternoon was there no light?  

Well, if you got to experience the solar eclipse yesterday, I probably don't have to tell you that it was very cool (although not the best for quilt photography!).

We live about 4 hours south of the total eclipse, so we did not see the full ring of fire, but it was still very odd to see how dark things got.  We enjoyed seeing the phases of the moon blocking the sun with our 100% protection eclipse viewing glasses that my DH ordered.  

The kids really enjoyed it and ran up and down the street educating our neighbors on what an eclipse is, and letting them borrow our special viewing glasses.

His photo really captured what we saw.

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