Monday, May 7, 2012

Liberty of London Fabric...just a little more

Have you tried eating Sushi made out of laser cut seaweed (nori)?

The shapes the cut it in look exactly like Sashiko.

I have to figure out how to get some of this.  Too fun.

Am I avoiding a confession that I picked up a little more Liberty of London fabric from Purl Soho?  Ok, maybe, but hard to hide that fact with that glorious photo up above.

They also have a solid green fabric on sale right now in my younger son's favorite color.  Almost an evil color actually.

Do you collect Liberty of London fabric?  Could you pick a favorite?  What do you to to catalog it?  Have you ever accidentally bought the same fabric twice?  I am not sure if I've done that with Liberty (thank goodness, due to the price tag).


Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Oh yes I do love Liberty... soft, rich, wonderful. Pricey. I haven't collected it exactly but you've now planted that idea! I purchased some yardage a few years ago in London - a print I haven't really seen since - used it as a backing and have been using the scraps ever since. I will check out Purl Soho this summer!

Lynne said...

Hi Marisa, yes, I have my own Liberty Lawn collection. I love the look of that little stash you have up there - such delightful colours/patters.

I would say my favourites would be any of the paisleys, and the tiny florals with that red'blue/white/ tiny bits of green - and i think you have some of it in the pile.

they are such evocative fabrics, aren't they? Well known English quilter Diedre Amsden started a whole career on her aquired collection of Liberty Lawns, and developed her 'Colourwash QUilts' technique using them. Enjoy using yours - though I bet you have a few pangs making those first cuts!

Susan said...

Gosh im falling in love with liberty. Your not helping! :)

Lynn said...

I just started collecting... Probably got the idea from your lovely fabrics!