Friday, May 25, 2012

Modern Objects: Block 2 teaser and OMG Liberty of London

If you loved the first Modern Object block.... the next one isn't far off.

Again, a partner blog will be hosting the link to the free pattern.  

I'm using Oakshott fabrics since they have bold modern colors and lend themselves well to the clean lines of the modern objects.

Check out the photos you can find of how people use Oakshott:  Beautiful.

On the topic of Liberty of London fabric:

I was reading about the recent events at Quilt Market over at Monkey Do blog.

It seems that they will be introducing a quilting weight fabric that is more affordable (applause!!)  but still has that incredible look that they are famous for.

It's called Liberty of London Lifestyle Fabrics.  I am too excited for words.  Anybody who has bought Liberty of London fabrics for around $36 USD / yard...should be excited to know this new line will probably cost a little less than half as much.

Does that mean I can buy twice as much of it?


Lynne said...

I don't know whether it's just the macro setting on your camera with that first shot, Marisa, but it looks like you are using fine woollen cloth - but it is Oakshott cotton, isn't it? Weird!

One of the quilts-in-my-head is a Liberty Lawn one from my Liberty collection (yes, another collection!) but hey I'm not going to get round to that for.........years!

Kathie said...

I agree with Lynne I thought you were showing wool!
can't wait to see the block you make with this fabric.
I love the look of oakshott haven't purchased any yet :)

Sequana said...

That's what I thot too at first - wool fabric in that block teaser.

Whatever it is, it's quite beautiful.

Jane W. said...

Can't wait for block #2...just downloaded the first one.

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Thanks for the hot tip about Liberty - that is indeed good news!