Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yoko Saito: Floral Boquet Quilt

You know I'm not one to resist the latest book by Yoko Saito.

This one is called Floral Bouquet Quilt - ISBN978-4-14-031183-7.

Although all her books are beautiful and have tons of taupe quilts, I really like this because of the focus on flowers and the number of small pieces it has.  Not a lot of full sized quilts, but many bags and small household items like place mats.

Page 6 has a small wall hanging quilt with a bunch of different vases.  It is so beautiful.  More simple than the Modern Objects quilt I'm working on, but not all that different in concept.
On p. 26 there is the most adorable bunny rabbit ever to have been made by fabric.

If you don't have this book, it is worth the shelf space in my opinion.  

My copy (purchased in California, USA) was $37 USD.  Looks like if you get it in Japan it goes for 1900Y which is something closer to $24 USD.


Lynne said...

Oh you have really whetted my appetitenow. Had a look on amazon - not available, but not unusual. On ebay for $46 then there'll be shipping....hmmm. I wonder whether Quiltmania will be offering this son, they do sell a lot of her books, even the translated ones.
I posted about Japanese fabrics last week, and included a couple of pictures of YS's quilts.

I'm really tempted!

Steve said...

Hi Marisa,
Just to let your customers know, we have this book available online (39.93), and offer free shipping in the US on orders of $75. Easy to do if you get a little Taupe fabric to go with the book.
I love this book too. We carry many of Yoko Saito's books, and this is one of the best.
One World Fabrics