Sunday, July 15, 2012

Japanese Sewing Box

Under the weather a small bit this week, fighting and winning finally.  Gathering energy now after lots of rest this weekend.

Should I confess that my new Japanese sewing box is more like sewing "boxes"?

Well...the little one really is little.  I will weight it to prove how little it is.

The medium one is also quite little, I swear.

When in Japan, picking up just one more teensie tiny sewing box to slip (read: cram) into the luggage...well, let's say it's the kind of small indiscretion that cannot be avoided.

The above box came from Misuyabari in Kyoto and is the 'large' size. 

I've been using it while working on finishing up my Modern House Block #11 inspired by Bev Thorne's Brubeck House in Oakland, CA.  I'm a little sad that this little quilt is soon drawing to a close from the design/blocks perspective, but I'm looking forward to design and creation of the border so I suppose I will hold back the tears for now.

A few more shopping posts coming up on both Kyoto and Tokyo later this week.


Lynne said...

Your sewing box is so sweet, Marisa, and i'm not surprised you had difficulty around the packing issue; my son and family, here from New Zealand (of course you know that from the log!) are getting a bit worriedabout all the clothes they have bought whilst here - so much cheaper for childrens clothes - and quite a few lovely presents from us and various family memebers....I hope they get away with it at check-in!

gram said...

Love your and info. xoxoxoxoxo