Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kyoto Flea Market: Chionji Temple

Once a month, there is a flea market bazaar at the University of Kyoto, Chionji Temple.
You can find information on it here and here.

Wouldn't you know that I was there on the day that it was happening (15th of every month).  Lucky us that my DH discovered this gem.  

There are all sorts of goodies there that are hand made by local artists.  It is a craft extravaganza really.  My biggest issue was that most of the items for sale are tough to travel with.  

Some of the ceramics were incredible, but didn't look like I could make it home easily with them.  

My favorite storefront was Conasyuu & Ribbon where small sewing items along with decorative pin toppers were sold.  Soooo super cute!  "Kawaii" in Japanese.  Below:

There were hand spun yarn balls.  They all looked like single ply yarns, so I didn't pick up any but they were beautiful and the proprietor was spinning yarn there in the booth.  Below:

I could not visualize a way to fit one of these adorable chairs into my luggage, so I didn't purchase one, but there are many teddy bears in my home that would shed a tear over this.  Below:

After we left Kyoto, we took a bullet train to Tokyo and the rest of our adventure was there.  Many super cool quilty hang outs there as well.  I'll cover those in an upcoming post.  As I depart from the topic of Kyoto, all can really say is - how soon do I get to go back?

A parting snapshot my husband took of me in the gardens on Heian Shrine, Kyoto.  I think this was my favorite spot on the trip.


Lynne said...

I'm with the Teddies here, love those chairs!

Ann Ferguson said...

I have just read all your posts on Kyoto, and I am sooooo envious. My daughter and I went there last year for a week and it was quite hard to find all these lovely little places - not that I was disappointed with I did find! Loved it and want to go back. Thank you for all the tips - wish I had found them last year :)

Julie Fukuda said...

I think everyone has a favorite spot in Kyoto. Mine is the Kyomizu Temple. The pottery is hard to resist going up through the shopping street. Glad you had a good trip. Wish we could have met.

kushami said...

Hi Marisa,
Thank you for the great posts on Kyoto! I found your blog as I am planning to visit Misyabari. Then when I clicked on the next entry, I found Chionji market - I actually chose my trip dates to make sure I could get to one of the tezukuri markets!