Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quilted Hexagons: English Paper Piecing

Tiny pieces of fabric: got it.

Teenie hexagon pieces of paper for the backing:  yup.

A thirst for sewing extremely small whip stiches on fabric pieces less than an inch tall:  yes!

Ah the joy of detailed hand work.   The hexagon pieces are 8mm or .31 inches on each of their 6 sides.  Is that possible?  I guess it is.  Gee this flower is pretty small.

I've been a fan of hexagons for many years.  Back in 2007 I made a small hex quilt out of batik fabrics.  Remember when those were so popular?

I will confess that I made an entire quilt out of batiks.  Such wild colors.  Hard to resist their charms. get it?  Har har...sorry, a little quilt humor. Moving on.

There are a lot of cute hex quilts out there.  I love this little butterfly one that I saw on flickr.   I'm not sure where I'm going with these, but probably not an queen sized quilt.  Just a little fun for now.  Maybe I'll applique it down on something.

I have one more wrap up shopping in Japan post to put together for you, but I think it's probably the final one.  

Meanwhile. anybody watching the Olympics out there?  What's your favorite sport?

Oh, and a quick note to those of you who are so kind to comment on my blog:

I was getting a lot of inappropriate/spam (not quilting related) comments before I turned on more heavy comment filtering.  If you comment, I will read it and approve/publish it usually within 24 hrs of when you leave it.  Thanks so much to all of you patient and generous folks out there.  If you have your email address connected to your profile, I try to write back as much as time allows.


Jamii said...

We need to bring that full-sized batik quilt out more often my dear. I know you aren't a fan of the wild colors, but it means a lot to me!

AnnaVallance said...

Love that little flower but I'm still working on my flowers and they are huge compared to that one.

Miriam said...

That is a tiny hexagon!!!!

Thank you for the link to the hexagon butterflies. They are very cute.

I love watching the Olympics! My favourite sport is gymnastics.