Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Pot to Quilt In

Every good little hand applique nut needs silk thread in billions of colors in order to match her fabrics.  I have been doing applique for a long time, so you can imagine that I have a good sized collection.

I was finding thread spools all over the place:  in various pouches and bags, rolling around my desk, in a couple of decorative bowls.  It was getting hard to find the right color when I needed it.

Coincidentally, I recently picked up a vintage modern pot (for cooking!!) from my new favorite Etsy seller - MonkiVintage

I used it to make noodles a couple of times, but when my collection of applique thread was attempting to take over the house, measures had to be taken.

Is storing your thread in a cooking pot a little strange?  Is attaching a wool felt magnet you made to the side of it in order to act as a mini pincushion even more odd?

Well, I'm "otaku" after all, so I guess that explains it.  

I recently read this funny article on the living spaces of hard core otaku.  I'm not sure I'm this nerdy in fact, but I do really really love to quilt!

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