Monday, August 27, 2012

Modern House Quilt: Block 12 - the big YEAH/BOO!

Does finishing an awesome project make you happy or sad?

For me, it's both:  Yeah!  and Boo !!! at the same moment.

I'm thrilled to final finish my final modern house quilt block, but at the same time I'm so that it's all over.  

Seeking out the houses, choosing them, finding them on the map, creating patterns based on the inspiration's hard to believe the design process is over.  

This house is on a hill in San Francisco, and has a tree growing out of the middle of the house for decoration.  I found that to be a unique design element that helped it make the cut for inclusion in the quilt.

I have some time now to work on the next modern objects block.  I'm already planning colors and fabrics in my mind.


Jamii said...

I am going to miss this project too my dear. You need to start up another one ASAP. My recommended topics include renditions of iconic bay area:
* Park Toys (ex. Danny the Dragon)
* Bridges and Overpasses
* Views of the bay (inlets, marshes, under bridges, etc.)
* Intersections and roadways (Ex. Lombard Street)

There are many topics you could choose that would get us out and about searching around. That was half the fun!

... said...

I feel sad. When I finished a Baltimore Album quilt (back in 2000) I experienced something resembling post-partum depression.