Friday, August 24, 2012


The fine art of removing something gooey from one's nose is at times a popular pastime for the company I keep.  My kids, of course, not my husband.

When I saw this knitting bag that looked silk screened by hand in the craft market we visited at Kyoto University, I could not resist it.

Just as I was going to try to pay for it, the shop keeper smiled at me and stuck his finger in his nose.  It was hilarious, and the cartoon image could not have captured his spirit more.  

Not often that you come across the glorification of digging for nose gold.

There is even a video on how to refine your skills (there's a video for everything out there, right?), my favorite being the 'Pick and Lick' methodology.

Alright, well apologies if I grossed you out.  I suppose there is an element of rude in here somewhere. 

Does this kick my blog out of the 'G' rated category?  I doubt it. 

Getting a little older this week, so trying to embrace my inner child.  Not a birthday ending in a zero...but that is now only around 364 days, 5 hours, and 32 min away.  But, who's counting?

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Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Marisa!!

Enjoy your "9" birthday!