Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Party's Over: Back to School

Hard to believe summer is ending here and school is on the menu starting tomorrow.  We found out who is in our class this year.  Lots of old friends are back and a special friend or two got moved to a different class.

Change is never easy, if you're 6 years old, or 30-something like me...it's pretty natural to experience at least a little upsetting of the applecart.

Anyhow, stick to what you know and love to get through times of flux, be they working on your piano homework if you're a kid, or quilting away if you're a quilting addict...it seems to help quiet the mind.

Eating a bunch of macaroni and cheese for lunch the day before school starts didn't seem to hurt either.

I got the above Japanese tops at San Francisco shop, General Store.

Their goodies are pretty hard to resist, including:

Teapot by Kaico - simple, functional, perfect for 2 or 3 people by designer Koizumi Makoto.

Wooden spoons - by Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons -   Fun to cook with.

Bags by Doug Johnston - if you never needed a knitting bag that looks good, or a bag to tote around a small quilting project, this IS the bag to end all bags.  I'm using mine to hold knitting right not.

If you're missing watching the Olympics like I am, check out this awesome Union Flag.

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