Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Signature Quilt

There are four birthday signature quilts floating around our family universe, well in progress.  

I am making one for each of my boys, and my sister is making the other two for her kids.  We picked out a unique font for each kid, and applique down a number on some plain white fabric backing.  

Around the number of their birthday that year, their friends and family sign their names and write well wishes for them using a pigma pen.

I usually let the kids help pick out the fabric to use that year. The final quilts will contain 16 blocks. 

The kids think that their 16th birthdays are a million miles away.  Funny how you sense time when you're a kid.  It's a gift.


Lynne said...

Brilliant idea, Marisa, do post a piccie when you've finished, won't you?

Julie Fukuda said...

What a great idea and what memories the 16 year old will get!