Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Siguature Quilt (part 7) and chillish weekend fun

We didn't do any big trips on our 3 day weekend, but we did have a great time chilling out at home.

- Listening to the Songza app - love this app, the 'hanging out with your kids' station includes the Wheels on the Bus song, and for under $5, you can split the audio ending arguments and curbing the popular refrain "MY TURN!!" (priceless)

- Checking out indie French band M83's album Saturdays=Youth.  Pretty cool, I think.

- Finishing knitting my sweater: yes, yes, I did finally after 6 months finish knitting a sweater.  More on that later of course.

- Making Japanese Hamburgers:  This is soooo easy to make (especially when your husband is willing to go to the store for you 3 times in order to drum up the ingredients).

- Falling in love with the art of Camilla Engman and the pottery of Karin Ericksson: I'm using one of their small vessels to store my short knitting needles for socks.  If you have a few moments to watch a video of Karin making her amazing hand thrown creations, this is one of the most beautifully shot videos I've seen in a while.  The light is stunning.  Her studio is called Manos and is in Sweden.  Teamed up with the art of Engman, the work is to die for.

- Awe stricken that rapper Ice Cube loves Eames architecture: this is such an amazing surprise to me.  If you are sensitive to rude language, please don't watch this, there is at least one bad word in this video.  Not for kids.

- QuiltMania did some pretty cool quilting videos as a guide to creating Yoko Saito's mystery quilt block.  If you speak French, you'll probably enjoy them even more than I did!  Parlez vous francais?

If all those links don't keep you entertained, I don't know what will.

The photo at the top of this post is the 7 year old's birthday signature block, in progress.

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