Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playing with Fire: A visit to Higher Fire ceramic studio

With little ones being the usual priority in our lives, taking some time to have a 'date day' with my DH is something I'm not sure I've done before.

We decided to have some good and dirty (literally!) fun at the local ceramics studio in San Jose, CA:  Higher Fire.

They offer classes where you and a friend (you can even take your kid!) can go for 2 hours of private instruction on how to throw pottery on a wheel, and how to play with making dishes using flat sheets of clay.

Of course I'm a big sucker for learning something new while getting to play with my hands.  

Our private instructor was so patient with us, and made sure we created some successful pieces to take home with us.  We could not have had more fun.  

I think we will wait a couple of weeks before the pieces are done being fired.  It's hard for me to not want to sign up for more classes there.  

Their next round of classes start next week.  I'll have to keep you posted on how weak I become.  It is so close to where we live...the temptation is so great...aaaahhhh!

I will hopefully use one of the pieces that we made to store my scissor collection (ahem, if it's big enough), and hopefully the other one will work for my knitting needles.

We also had lunch at The Table, a new fancy eatery not far away, in Willow Glen.  It was overall yummy, but the hard cider by Hogan was insane (so unique, so fragrant), as was the chocolate pudding-ish dessert we ordered: pot de crème au chocolate.

Oh and p.s. -   We didn't re-watch famous film Ghost, but gosh, after over 20 years, maybe it's about time to see it again!

If you're too young to remember this movie, you're either one of my baby-young friends named Kathleen or Susan, or lucky enough to have slept through 1990.


Susan said...

Loos very cool!! Cant wait to see these projects!! Hm.... Say what!? Never heard of it!! :) enjoy the rest of your wknd!

AnnaVallance said...

What a great idea for a date. I used to do pottery but now I just buy it whenever the local potters have their great sales.