Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Falling in love with Orange

I know the color orange isn't on everybody's short list of favorite colors.  This fall, I cannot seem to take my eye off it. 

From bed sheets, to glass pumpkins, or tiny pumpkins to a simple bowl of tangerines (do they really fight off cold bugs?)...there seems to be orange everywhere I look.

Even America's pastime is looking nice and orange this year.

I've never been compelled to make a fall themed quilt, but I have found myself thinking about them this year.

There are many beautiful Halloween Baltimore album quilts out there.  I also admire this little basket quilt that Jan from Be Mused blog has been working on.  Very simple and sweet. 

If there is a fall quilt that you have made, or you have ideas for one in your heart someday, send me a link to a photo. 

I'm in an orange mood.

Oh, and if you noticed the quilt in the background of the photo above...you guessed it - that is the antique quilt top that I adopted at PIQF recently.


Kathie said...

I am starting to love orange now too...this just made me laugh! I have always liked cheddar but now its moved over to other shades of oranges....thinking of having to do a quilt for Hallweeen/fall next year in colors like Jan showed for her baskets too!
ok love that antique quilt under the bowl....simple is good in my book!

Lynn said...

I've always loved orange.. it was even my wedding color! I bought that baltimore halloween album quilt a looooong time ago. Maybe it's time to start it?

It's funny that you mention baseball.. it drives my husband crazy because both teams have orange!