Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilting in the Corn Maze

Are you scared of getting lost in a corn maze?

Why is corn so darn scary?  Could it be all those horror movies that I never watch?  Did you know that people have even called 911 from the inside of a corn maze? 

If I had enough snacks with me, and an hand applique project, or some knitting....I would probably be happy to live on and on in a corn maze - well, at least until I ran out of thread.

Last weekend we visited the corn maze at Uesugi Farms near Gilroy.

We had some fun running around in there with all the kids, and were at times lost, but I didn't exactly have time to catch up on my hand stitching.

They had a pumpkin blaster there, where huge cannons shoot small pumpkins out into a field that has targets.  They go 90 miles per hour and make a considerable splat.  It's a little boy's (husband's?) dream come true.

If there is one kernel of advise I have for you, take a map, a friend with a good sense of direction or for goodness sake a quilting project if you plan to take up permanent residence in a corn maze.

Happy Autumn!

(apologies for the corny post, it had to be done...thanks for letting me bend your ear)

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